Tales of Uresa

Today's Session and Supplemental Maddox Report

     After the storm cleared, the party met with Killian’s contact, Tamrel.  Tamrel established a deal to meet with Killian in North Casbah Docks in 7 days.  The party then traveled to meet Maddox.  Maddox informed them that more food casters had died, and that it’s now apparent that dragon cults are being purposefully duped by drow book merchants.  He also reported that Wyndam had gone to investigate what was happening with the books, and went off to investigate a hunch in the Simien Valley.  The party gave the intelligence they uncovered at Chadley and Bradley’s office, and Maddox translated the documents.  The documents revealed large shipments of weaponry flowing from the underdark to Dargoth, a former associate of Argo.  Dargoth was last located in the Casbah. 

     The party also informed Maddox that there were large tunnels underneath the city that handle shipments. Maddox, though, has still not pieced together if the Food Caster deaths are associated with the Drow intrigue, but that dwindling food supplies and large shipments of weapons to known insurrectionists could portend that a great threat to Uresa was looming. Maddox also stated he was unsure of what role the Winter Court is playing in this, as he also informed the party that there had been some reports of Drow killings that left distinct signatures of the Winter Court.

     Maddox stated his biggest questions were: What is the connection between the Drow, Winter Court, and the Food Caster Killings? What is causing the Winter Court beef with the Drow? And Finally, what is the nature of the threat of Dargoth with a small army?


Captain_Flintlock Captain_Flintlock

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