Tales of Uresa

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Les Miserables. Dargoth is amassing the military prowess to take over not just the Casbah, but potentially the city. With large amounts of weapons being supplied by the Drow, it’s become apparent that he is a threat to the city. 

  • Convince 3 of 5 Bossmen of Casbah to reject Dargoth’s overtures

    • Drakes
    • Salmon Lords
    • Three Finnies
    • 14 Silvers
    • Geargos
  • Start an election for Casbah Leadership

    • Begin a melee battle between gangs
  • Confront Dargoth.  

Corrupt Police Officers. Corrupt police officers are weakening the city’s effectiveness to protect, and could have dual allegiances. Investigate Laxondus Phillon, Sir Pavel, and Hadija Deran.

  • Investigate the following:

    • Laxondus Phillon, Dragonborn Paladin
    • Sir Pavel, Human Fighter, Commander of the Guard
    • Hadija Deran, Tiefling Sorcerer

The Lady in the Shadows. Lillith, a desperate Winter Court agent, has sequestered herself in the caves beneath Uresa with a small army of Goblins. Wanted by the Winter Court and the Fey, Lillith is in dire straits.

  • Give an urgent letter to the High Cleric
  • Place an trap at the door of Kirnith, a Tiefling woman who is the preeminent mushroom merchant of Uresa
  • When you’ve completed the tasks, she would like you to return.


Captain_Flintlock Captain_Flintlock

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