Tales of Uresa

30 July Summary

The party arrived at Zhalia’s Monastery, where they were recently mourning the passing of the previous headmaster. Haidari received a message from one of his superiors with the summer court, and had to leave immediately. The new headmaster, Father Glorbrial, provided some useful information thanks to the help of a Kobold by the name of Krynnyx.  Krynnyx informed the party that the Drakes and the Dargoth had arranged a meeting, and that Dargoth was trying to take over the district.  The Drake Territory was on edge, and nobody knew if it was going to be war or if it was going to be a parlay.  Unsure of what would happen, the party decided to split to cover more ground.

Ralnier decided he needed to prepare the city watch for a potential gang war, and that there could be more nefarious plots afoot.  On his way to Malcom, a friend of Zhalia who could provide sea transport, Ralnier informed local watch of a potential war and informed Lt. Krann of the imminent threat and that they need to increase security as soon as possible. He quickly arrived at the Warehouse District headquarters, and tried to inform Captain Sindh of the plot.  Were it not for assurances from one of Ralnier’s sergeants, just months away from retirement and on the day of his daughter’s birthday, Sindh reluctantly agreed to set up a cordon around Casbah and informed his superiors of the plot uncovered by Ralnier. When Ralnier travelled by foot to the Monastery, he noticed that Casbah city watch were not patrolling and that Lt. Krann had received orders from Sir Pavel to stand down, and that the men should be spending their night with their families.  Out of cowardice or out of incompetence, the Casbah was not being guarded during the meeting between Dargoth and the Drakes.

                Zhalia and Argo set off for the Three Finnies turf, to try to get the gang to intervene in the possible alliance of Dargoth and the Drakes. When they entered the 3 Finnies, they encountered a fight between Dragonborn thugs and 3 Finnie Gangsters, and saved the life of a fast-talking Halfling named Caspar.  They then headed went to a theater company rehearsal, where they learned that Argo’s contact – Marcelle – had been fired and was living a life as a drunk unable to cope with being an awful actor. They learned from the actors that he had only received a job because he was connected to the senior leadership of the Three Finnies gang.  Argo and Zhalia convinced Marcelle to take them to his cousin, Roswyn Frouda, who gave them an audience with the senior leadership of the Three Finnies Gang. After deliberation, the Three Finnies declared they were not strong enough to intervene in the Dargoths-Drake meeting, but were open to allying with other gangs to stop a takeover. Argo and Zhalia then decided to return to the Monastery.

                 Prudence went to spy on the meeting between Dargoth and the Drakes leader – Tolradd Dildrad.  Prior to the meeting, Prudence discovered that a male Drow by the name of Lewelir Mris’ban had been promising the biggest fighters amongst Dargoth that if they wanted to move up, they needed to be friends with him alone.  During the meeting, Prudence also noted that Lewelir was also constantly being consulted by Dargoth, and that few decisions were made without his input.  Tolradd and Dargoth decided to ally, forming the “Liberation Front”, a political violent army aimed at bringing prosperity to everyone in Uresa, and that the Casbah was the first step in the path towards equality. However, her magic was beginning to fade, and she had to escape the clutches of Dargoth by urinating on the half-orc and sprinting outside of the house, where she then transformed into human form and returned to the party at the Monastery.


Captain_Flintlock Captain_Flintlock

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