Tales of Uresa

23 July Summary

                Haidari and Argo were awoken by one of Methuselah’s workers, who warned them that there was an incident.  A few of Dargoth’s men were looking for Argo, demanding that Methuselah hand over the Gnome or else they would tear her place apart. Were it not for the timely intervention of Ralnier, a suspended cop with a short fuse, the druid Prudence, and Zhalia – a paladin tasked with assisting the group by divine providence, then the men surely would have caused a lot of destruction.  After defeating the men and nearly destroying the bar, the party set off to locate Dargoth and to begin uniting the different gangs to defeat Dargoth.  While travelling towards the Drakes, the party encountered a group of lepers.  After helping the lepers, the diseased men informed the party of Dargoth’s strength, and the location of the different gangs.  The party then set off to meet with the Drakes, but were ambushed by a team of Drow. 


Captain_Flintlock Captain_Flintlock

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