Tales of Uresa

Active Story Threads

Weapon Shipments

  • Intelligence reports from Chad and Brad’s office state large weapon shipments
  • Weapon shipments are going to Dargoth, a former associate of Argo

    • Discover Location of Dargoth and Why he is collecting weapons

Corrupt Police Officers

  • Corrupt police officers are weakening the city’s effectiveness to protect, and could have dual allegiances. Investigate the following individuals:

    • Laxondus Phillon, Dragonborn Paladin
    • Sir Pavel, Human Fighter, Commander of the Guard
    • Hadija Deran, Tiefling Sorcerer

Killian’s Special Delivery

  • Establish trade relationship between Tamrel, a man skimming mushroom shipments from Drow Merchants.

    • Provide business terms with Killian w/o help from Tamrel.

      • In 1 week, will meet Killian on the docks in North Casbah
      • Under the names of Gnarlbox, Fire, and Hadari’s Cover Name
  • Establish business relationship between Killian and Kher Bayer

    • Clear the tunnels of goblins
    • Establish relationship with Killian

The Lady in the Shadows

  • Lillith, a desperate Winter Court agent, requests to give an urgent letter to the High Cleric
  • Place an trap at the door of Kirnith, a Tiefling woman who is the preeminent mushroom merchant of Uresa
  • When you’ve completed the tasks, she would like you to return.

Figures in the horizon of the Marches

  • Rumored silhouettes on the horizon


Captain_Flintlock Captain_Flintlock

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