Tales of Uresa

17 July Summary

After consulting with Maddox, the party decided to try to track down Dargoth, a former associate of Argo.  While travelling through the dense and twisted streets of Casbah, the party ran into Killian Pyrite.  Deciding to choose a business deal with Tamrel, Killian paid the group 5,000 gold and promised 5% of returns from his newly established illicit mushroom trade.  The party then continued through the Casbah, hoping to reach Argo’s former lover, Methuselah, the owner and namesake of the pub “The Bearded Lady”.  After surviving a dangerous encounter with a Medusa and rescuing a baby, an unfortunate facet of life in the Casbah where mad men regularly unleash monsters on the poor, the party finally arrived at the Bearded Lady. Fire left to leave the orphaned child with a monastery, while Argo and Haidari spoke with the furious ex-lover of Argo.

                After scolding Argo, Methuselah revealed that much had changed since Argo was arrested.  Dargoth had begun to amass power, and had a small army of thugs around him.  He intended to take over the Casbah, so that he could lead an insurrection against the city of Uresa itself.  He sought to create a world in which the poor ruled the city, so that the poor may not be miserable again.  However, Methuselah was concerned about his tactics, and feared the violent trajectory he was about to se t Casbah on.  He was too powerful to take head on, but could be parlayed at the City Colleges, or challenged in the general election.  A Casbah general election is a massive free-for-all between factional gangs, which winning alliances win control. If the Party were to unite at least a majority of the bosses, they could directly challenge Dargoth.  Methuselah’s new lover Konzo, an old friend of Argo, set up the group with an apartment.  Fire decided to leave the group, following a hunch about rumors of silhouettes on the horizon of the Marches.

                Much about Dargoth is to be answered.  What led him from his revolutionary roots to want to have more ambition?  How did he get a relationship with the Drow to be provided with so many weapons?


Captain_Flintlock Captain_Flintlock

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