Tales of Uresa

Session Review So Far

Because we could all use a refresher

The party investigated the crime scene, finding a stack of threatening letters to praxis from the Scarlet Dragons, a lock box with a glass bean used by fey agents, and an interesting statue.  Pressed for time, they only grabbed the small lock box and the stack of letters.  They decided to return to the crime scene, where they found the city guard investigating.  Anthony contacted Inspector Maddox, who will enlist their help.

Hadari received word of a sting operation involving the winter court, and had contact with a contact by the codename: Bookworm. The party decided first that they would investigate the alleged safe house operated by the winter court in Mount Cullah, where they found out that the intelligence was wrong and was instead the home of a dragon cult.  Inside they found that the cultists were inadvertently summoning demons, mislead by books being distributed by the Drow that claimed they would summon dragon spirits. 

The party then travelled to their contact in the libraries, with the contact codenamed Bookworm.  Bookworm indicated that she did not suspect the winter court of being involved with the demon books.  Bookworm was more concerned about the Drow and city guard officials of questionable allegiance.  She first indicated that three city guard members, the dragonborn Laxonus Phillon, a Tiefling Sorceress by the name of Hadija Deran, and Sir Pavel, a human commander of the guard, were believed to be working for either the winter court, the Drow, or both.  She also indicates that a Drow book merchant, Mez’leth, was so incompetent that her business must be a front and should be investigated.   Throughout their investigation, they were continually attacked by the Winter Court.

On their way to visit Mez’leth bookstore, they encounter Killian Pyrite, an opportunistic greedy Halfling merchant.  The merchant offered them a chance at quick coin, by stealing a shipment of mushrooms from Drow merchants and bring it to him to sell.  He had a contact at a pub named A Wench in our Plans, by the name of Tamrel, who had the inside scoop.  After talking with Killian, the party arrived at Mez’leth and quickly determined that two Drow males were the ones in charge of the bookstore.  The Drow males, Chadley and Bradley, were the only males competent to run the store.

While at the book store, the party realized that crates shipping demon books were being shipped through Mez’leth business. The party followed the Drow Bros to their office, and discovered the password to their office was “TO CRUSH PUSS”. However, before being able to investigate the bro’s office, the party had to take shelter for an oncoming storm. The Winter Court continued to slow progress by attacking them.

The party travelled to a tavern to spend during the blizzard.  While waiting for the storm to pass, Hadari had a dream about a half-Drow woman being accused of terrible deeds.  While he was sleeping, Argo discovered that the dimwitted Halfling cook of the inn had a special friend in the basement, who ended up being a Drow merchant manipulating the cook to gain access to patrons in the Inn.  Hadari awoke and spoke with his summer court handler, who informed him they must speak through secure channels in Tenebris. He informed Hadari that she was dangerous and that he needed to be careful. The merchant, Kher Bayer, was extremely friendly to the party, and offered them free passage to Tenebris in exchange for a trade deal on the surface and if they cleared a section of tunnels on his behalf.  In exchange, he gave the party a permit to travel through the Drow shipping tunnels.

To gain access to a quick tunnel to Tenebris, the party made a deal with Kher Bayer, a Drow merchant, to clear the caves from goblins so that underground shipping may resume, in addition to establishing a trade relationship with Killian Pyrite. While travelling underground, the party encountered Lilith, the woman who appeared in Haidari’s dreams as a double agent on trial.  In exchange for travelling past her goblin army, they agreed to deliver a message to the high priest of Uresa, and to place a magical device on a door.  The party agreed, and made their way to Tenebris and met with Haidari’s summer court contact, who informed them that Lilith was a prized arcane archer who had been known as a winter court agent infiltrating the Drow, but now the winter court was looking for her.  The magical package ended up being a device designed to kill individuals opening a door.


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